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Covering the Kindle

So this blog seems to be all about the Kindle right now. A passing phase, I’m sure.

Who knows – next week it could be Power Rangers or flip-flops.

But for now, the continuing saga of my Kindle Paperwhite.

I realised yesterday, after carting it around in my work bag that I needed a cover. It’s robust, but I’m not sure it could handle a fall to the floor of a tube or onto the street. A quick scan of what’s available on Amazon and I decided on their very own leather cover. I went for under-stated black, as I’m such a subtle person myself.


Thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, it arrived at my apartment this morning. A pleasant surprise on the way back from picking up the dry-cleaning.

So, before I head off into town, there’s time for a very quick review.

  • It fits like a glove. One of the reasons I went for the Amazon model was I’ve had bad experiences with third-party accessories in the past. Either too tight or too loose. Or just plain shoddy. So I spent a little bit (£30) and went for one I knew would do what it claims.
  • It’s nice and light and adds very little to either size or weight. There’s no point in having a very light eReader, then weighing it down with a ton of leather and/or plastic.
  • It has a magnetic clasp, which also turns the Kindle on and off. Think the “magic” covers on iPads. It seems nice and secure.
  • The case definitely makes the Kindle feel more secure in my hand. This might be over-sharing (who? me?) but yesterday’s tube journeys were characterised by heat in which would be illegal to transport cattle. This left my hands in a rather damp state and I almost dropped the Kindle a couple of times when fellow (sweaty) passengers bumped into me. There’s a lot more “grip” to the device when in this case.

In summary then, a happy purchase. Looks good, feels good and keeps the Kindle compact.

And now for the gallery (10 points for the first person to get this reference…):

2013-07-20 10.20.53 2013-07-20 10.20.24

And yes, my reading selection is quite eclectic at the moment. I normally have a few books on the go at any one time. Right now, I’m devouring “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for the sheer hilarity and Aleks Krotoski’s “Untangling the Web” to geek out on the cyber-psychology.

3 comments on “Covering the Kindle

  1. It’s elegant. Nice!

    I couldn’t do any of those erm, classics turned zombie or vampire. I must have a very poor sense of humour!

    Then again, I always laugh my way through Jane Austen novels and never realised most people…don’t. Romantic? I thought they were comedies of manner. Eh, well.


    • To be fair, it’s not high art but it is fun. As if you’re reading Mark Twain when suddenly it goes all “Interview with a Vampire”.

      Not sure I’ll read the others though…


      • People love mashups, myself included. I don’t know why those novels don’t work for me.


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