Covering the Kindle

So this blog seems to be all about the Kindle right now. A passing phase, I’m sure.

Who knows – next week it could be Power Rangers or flip-flops.

But for now, the continuing saga of my Kindle Paperwhite.

I realised yesterday, after carting it around in my work bag that I needed a cover. It’s robust, but I’m not sure it could handle a fall to the floor of a tube or onto the street. A quick scan of what’s available on Amazon and I decided on their very own leather cover. I went for under-stated black, as I’m such a subtle person myself.


Thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, it arrived at my apartment this morning. A pleasant surprise on the way back from picking up the dry-cleaning.

So, before I head off into town, there’s time for a very quick review.

  • It fits like a glove. One of the reasons I went for the Amazon model was I’ve had bad experiences with third-party accessories in the past. Either too tight or too loose. Or just plain shoddy. So I spent a little bit (£30) and went for one I knew would do what it claims.
  • It’s nice and light and adds very little to either size or weight. There’s no point in having a very light eReader, then weighing it down with a ton of leather and/or plastic.
  • It has a magnetic clasp, which also turns the Kindle on and off. Think the “magic” covers on iPads. It seems nice and secure.
  • The case definitely makes the Kindle feel more secure in my hand. This might be over-sharing (who? me?) but yesterday’s tube journeys were characterised by heat in which would be illegal to transport cattle. This left my hands in a rather damp state and I almost dropped the Kindle a couple of times when fellow (sweaty) passengers bumped into me. There’s a lot more “grip” to the device when in this case.

In summary then, a happy purchase. Looks good, feels good and keeps the Kindle compact.

And now for the gallery (10 points for the first person to get this reference…):

2013-07-20 10.20.53 2013-07-20 10.20.24

And yes, my reading selection is quite eclectic at the moment. I normally have a few books on the go at any one time. Right now, I’m devouring “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” for the sheer hilarity and Aleks Krotoski’s “Untangling the Web” to geek out on the cyber-psychology.

  1. It’s elegant. Nice!

    I couldn’t do any of those erm, classics turned zombie or vampire. I must have a very poor sense of humour!

    Then again, I always laugh my way through Jane Austen novels and never realised most people…don’t. Romantic? I thought they were comedies of manner. Eh, well.



    1. To be fair, it’s not high art but it is fun. As if you’re reading Mark Twain when suddenly it goes all “Interview with a Vampire”.

      Not sure I’ll read the others though…



      1. People love mashups, myself included. I don’t know why those novels don’t work for me.



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