Eek…gadget lust

KindlePaperwhiteSo after committing to not buying a new Kindle, I just walked through my local Waterstones and fondled the Kindle Paperwhite.

Fondled it lovingly and for several minutes.

In a most unsavoury manner.

This does not bode well.

Engaging in a very subjective cost/benefits analysis, it has the following going for it:

  • It’s small and light as a feather
  • The screen is gorgeous
  • The built in lighting is a delight
  • The battery lasts a lot longer than my iPad

On the other hand:

  • I don’t need it
  • Really, I don’t

I think we all know what’s going to happen here, right? I’ll come up with some justification for getting it at some point. Might as well get it over with.


One decision: whether to get the WiFi or 3G version. My Kindle keyboard is 3G enabled and it’s extremely handy. But it’s another £60. I need to think about whether it’s an absolute must.

I guess I’ll just start looking for a way to get one for less than list price. That’ll take some of the sting out of it.


4 comments on “Eek…gadget lust

  1. I love the new Nook e-ink. at 119USD, it’s great — especially considering that I always buy small and use Nook’s expandable memory.

    I keep sticking with them due to the expandable memory alone! Since I use Calibre, it doesn’t matter what brand device I have but I’m telling you: expandable memory is so important to me, I’m thinking of jumping from iPhone to Samsung next.

    Also, NookHD (can’t say their simple touch because I don’t recall and I’m too lazy to look) *says* expandable to like 32GB but mine is 128GB.

    MWAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, I’ve got issues. You know how I am about my height? It projects on memory size.


    • Ha! Nook looks lovely.

      I’ve never had an issue with eBook file size and ereaders, it’s always my phones/tablets and music files. Expandable memory would be excellent – can’t see Apple ever going down that route, unfortunately.

      You know what else is funny? I read faster on a Kindle. Know why? No multitasking to distract me, unlike on an iPad mini.

      I quite literally get lost in a book…


      • Since I don’t have wifi (unless I’m at a cafe), my NookHD doesn’t distract me but it’s not as easy on the eyes (fatigue). I end up putting all kinds of files on mine (both), not just ebooks. I’m cRaZy!


        • The iPad mini does tire my eyes, especially at night. Kindle, not a jot. And we both know how I love to read… I just love the fact that Kindles do one thing and do them well.


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