Review: Uncanny Avengers 9

Uncanny_Avengers9In the recent reshuffling of Marvel’s headline titles, Uncanny Avengers was the title that had the best start. The Red Skull using a piece of the dead Prof. Xavier’s brain to turn the general public into hate-filled Nazis? Rogue and the Scarlet Witch on the same team and threatening to knock six bells out of each other in every issue?

Yes please.

The most recent issue brings numerous things to a head and does so very well. Just because it’s a new series, it doesn’t abandon all that went before and in this issue we feel the repercussions of Wolverine’s actions while in Uncanny X-Force, echoes of the House of M disaster caused by the Scarlet Witch and the fact that this particular set of characters have some of the most convoluted back stories in comics.

In short, the team is falling apart at the seams, and not simply along mutant/non-mutant lines. They’re at each other’s throats, just when they need a united front against external threats.

Such as?

For a start, Apocalypse’s (obviously psychotic and murderous) twins are plotting to hurt the Uncanny Avengers – in a big way. Issue 9 brings things to a head and finishes with a panel that left me grinning from ear to ear. How to really hurt a group like this? Throw their loved ones at them… traditionally, the horsemen of the Apocalypse have given writers great excuses to do something interesting with characters.

Just look at Angel/Archangel, who’s still feeling the repercussions of being turned into a blade-winged angle of death. Wouldn’t you? Interestingly, Sunfire (who I don’t think has uttered a word so far in this series) was also previous one of the Horsemen.

The resurrected new Horsemen? Well, in case you haven’t read it yet, they include a resurrected X-Man (one of my all-time favourites – so please, Marvel, make sure he’s back to stay!!), a resurrected Avenger (albeit an unpopular one) and two Uncanny Avengers’ family members.

In short, they’re going to feel conflicted when they have to face these Horsemen and a simple Snikt’n’Stab just won’t work.

I’m really looking forward to the next few issues of this series and seeing how the fractured team deals with a threat tailor-designed to take them down.

1 comment on “Review: Uncanny Avengers 9

  1. Havok has hardly used his powers at all. I hope that changes.
    As to the use of his power, I would like him to use his microwave abilities more, like how he defeated the Hulk, in Incredible Hulk #150. Not his concussive force. The Hulk can stop his concussive power, but Alex’s microwave power can go through the Hulk. And I think his cosmic energy would deplete slower.


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