You might think that…


…I couldn’t possibly comment.

I’m possibly the last person in the developed world to see the marvellous Kevin Spacey in the remake of House of Cards. Yes, Americans, it’s a remake of a British series.

Courtesy of the voodoo that powers my new Samsung smart TV, Netflix comes built in. So I’m taking advantage of a free trial to watch a glut of House of Cards episodes.

In short, it’s amazeballs.

I distinctly remember the original, starring the frankly terrifying Ian Richardson. It was equally impressive, but in a different style.

Kevin Spacey is as you’d expect. Menacing and inspiring in equal measure. His asides to the camera are fantastic. Kudos too to Robin Wright who plays his wife, Claire. She is really, really impressive.

Now please…no spoilers. I know exactly how House of Cards (the original) panned out and it was glorious. I’m keen to see how the US version plays out and how Francis Underwood (not Urquart this time!) climbs the greasy pole.

2 comments on “You might think that…

  1. While I don’t watch traditional tv (unless under Very Special Circumstances — I mean, I turn on C-SPAN for Bobby, that’s our Congress’ channel) but I then walk over to my computer and watch TV on DVD ::shrugs::), I can say people at work are always talking about these programs that I KNOW aren’t on US TV…til they insist they are and I realise they’re remakes. I’m starting to wonder if the US makes anything anymore. I mean, we stopped manufacturing Real Things, it only makes sense we’re importing Art (perhaps pushing it there for TV but you see what I’m saying). It’s shocking — and btw, nobody I work with realises that they are remakes. Lovely. We’re Number ONE!


    • Well for once, I think this is a remake that is as good as the original.

      Well worth a watch when you get the chance.


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