Review: World War Z


I read World War Z shortly after it was first published and loved every single page of it. Without spoiling anything for anyone, the book explores the impact of a “zombie plague”, which reanimates the dead and turns them into crazed, blood-thirsty maniacs.

It’s neither gentle nor subtle, but is a compelling read.

Chapter by chapter, we get an insight into how the world endured the plague, told from the perspectives of multiple and diverse characters from all over the planet. It paints a picture of almost total societal collapse and utter chaos.

So when I first heard that it was being made into a film, I was a little nervous. These multiple perspectives could make it very difficult to portray on screen, while trying to make it accessible enough for most audience-members. Unfortunately, this complexity was left out of the film, and it mostly centres on the experience of Brad Pitt and his family.

It does touch on how the zombies impact the rest of the world, but only places where Brad gets to visit.


Hands up: it’s not a deep or world-changing film, but if you like zombies and scares, this is for you. The panorama set-pieces are very impressive, particularly the scenes in Jerusalem and New York. Very difficult to tell what was green screen, so you get really drawn into the action.

There are plenty of adrenaline-soaked action scenes and heart-stopping moments when zombies appear when you least expect it. There was more than one scream in the cinema where I watched it, which is also a good sign for a film like this.

They almost went for a very neat ending, but veered off at the last minute to something less clean and more like the original novel. All in all, an entertaining couple of hours in the cinema, watching something definitely made for a big, big screen.

Just make sure you don’t scream…too much!

4 comments on “Review: World War Z

  1. Makes sense. One of my biggest peeves with GoT is that they had to dumb it down SOOOO much. Also, the books are far more gory and violent, which is funny when you hear people talking about how harsh the show is. Erm…best not read the books!

    Not saying they’re horror-level but I mean, ya know. I’m constantly disappointed at pulled punches. Bad enough you have to miss ‘pivotal scenes’ and they have wrong characters doing things 🙂

    WWZ looked to me (film trailer) very 28 Days Later with CGI. The book sounds vastly more interesting with varied perspectives of societal collapse. Good stuff, that.


    • Havent seen any GoT or read the books (I know!!!)…but having seen the books in print (and their physical size!) and knowing how long each season is on TV, I can only imagine how much content had to be chopped. Must be frustrating for dedicated readers. I hold my nose when Marvel does this with their comics movies…they hold on to some history and jettison the rest for those with limited attentions spans.

      That said, I’d rather see them make the movie than not at all.


      • I really didn’t mind how they handled Lord of the Rings (which I’d read through 4 times by about age 20) in film.

        George RR Martin is just so ‘edge of your seat’ reading that I feel the loss more.


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