Limping round the Isle of Dogs…


I went for a quick run around the Isle of Dogs this morning. I was feeling the “running itch” as I haven’t had much exercise this week. Business meetings in Dublin and wandering around airports just don’t count.

I was about 3km in and really enjoying it, despite the weather, when the knee pain that ruined my London Marathon reappeared.


I think I’ll have to do something about this as it’s been nearly two months since the marathon and this is still with me, on and off. It’s tough to describe, but it’s mostly a feeling of tightness and pain down the outside right of my right knee. After a short while I then get sudden feelings of weakness in the knee – like it’s going to go from under me.

Weird. And it slows my run right down, while the pain is pretty intense. The very weird thing is that it comes and goes within the same run. My last km was pain free and pretty fast. Pain disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Time to get this checked out so I can keep running. I’ve got two half-marathons in the calendar already – want to make sure I’m fit for these. Basically, running keeps me same in the face of a pretty hectic schedule.

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