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Another Original…

I got to unpack my latest Filofax acquisition today, days after it arrived. I’ve spent the last few days on business in Dublin, so it was a little frustrating to know my A5 Original in racing green was waiting for me at home.


After delivering an all-day workshop, followed by a delayed flight back to London last night, all I could think of was sleep when I got to my apartment.

This morning was all about the unpacking and setting it up for use. It’s going to be solely for work, while my personal-sizeed original in brown is for…personal things.

For me, getting a new Filofax ready is all about stripping out the unnecessary bits and pieces to make it lighter and easier to use. Taking out the calendar and contact pages, as I use my iPhone and iPad to manage these.

Unlike the other A5 organisers I’ve owned, the Original doesn’t have any extra pockets or zipped compartments, keeping it really simple and, more importantly, light. It’s one of the things that really attracted me to it – elegant simplicity.

2013 - 3

As with my personal Original in brown, the quality of this Filofax is amazing. The leather is thick, but soft to the touch. It oozes quality and is (now that I’ve removed lots of paper) light and easy to hold in one hand. The challenge with A5 organisers has (for me at least) always been about keeping them light enough to carry around.

If past experience is anything to go by, as this is for work, it will get filled up pretty quickly. Interviews, meetings and coaching all result in a ton of paper outputs. No matter how much I’d like it I’ve found that regularly clearing out notes keeps this manageable and everything gets scanned into Evernote for future reference anyway.

As with the personal, the elastic bands at the front are for pen loops and as far as I can see, smartphones – as my iPhone 5 fits in perfectly.

A couple of quibbles: the slot at the rear of the organiser is only intended for a jot pad, not a full-sized A5 pad. I don’t understand why – the jot pad size isn’t very practical. Also, the dividers aren’t a great match colour-wise. I’ll probably swap them out for something more neutral.

For you other Filofaxers out there, on the whole I can thoroughly recommend the A5 Original, especially in green.

Now, for the avoidance of doubt,this isn’t a backslide into maintaining a massive collection of organisers. My A5 Fusion has been cleared out in preparation for sale on eBay. Two Filofaxes are enough for this fan.

Update: see below for a requested pic of the A5 original with my iPad Mini tucked into the rear flap.


8 comments on “Another Original…

  1. Hi, you can fit a standard A5 note pad to the back of the Original A5. like this:


    • Thanks Steve – saw this post a while ago. Very smart! I’d prefer not to cut up the notepads, but I can see how it works.

      Still wondering why Filofax designed it this way – I’m sure I’m not alone in this!

      Anyway, the back of my A5 Original now accommodates my iPad mini 🙂


  2. I love the green – I have always wondered why deep green Filofaxes have been so scarce! Green is a very neglected colour.


  3. I am thinking of buying the a5 original and using it for college with my ipad mini. Could you post a picture of your ipad mini inside the filofax? I would be very greatful! Thank you for this interesting blog!


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  5. Just what I was looking for! Mini will fit!



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