Psycho (1960)Directed by Alfred HitchcockShown: Janet Leigh (as Marion Crane)

Ugh. I obviously watch too many horror films. And stay in too many hotels.

After a day of business-trip-related tomfoolery, I come back to my room and silently poke around like an amateur Columbo, thinking “That’s not where I left that…someone’s been in here!”

Of course they have, it was the cleaner.

When I see that a cleaner has “tidied up” my toiletries in the bathroom, I don’t think “How nice”. My mind instead wanders to flashbacks from “Sleeping with the Enemy”, “Psycho” and every cheap slasher flick I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.

My things have been touched.

Combine this latent paranoia with the sleep deprivation that comes from sleeping in a strange bed and I sense serial killers behind every bump in the night and billow of the shower curtain.

Oh yes. The shower curtain. Which, when I’m not actually in the shower, must be drawn back at all times. To remove one more possible hiding place for the infinitely devious madman itching to slice me in two.

I never feel this way at home….

Hotels are full of strange noises at night.

Last night I woke up at least four times due to slamming hotel room doors. None of which were due to mask-wearing murderers (I think), but in my racing mind, each one signified that a killer in a boiler suit was one step closer to impaling me to the bed with an axe, ice-pick or machete.

I really need to cut back on the coffee.

And the horror films…

5 comments on “Spooked…

  1. Hotel ‘sleeping’ is nightmarish enough! Rest well, kitten.


    • Thanks Lily… at Dublin Airport now, looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

      And safe in the knowledge that when I do get home, and if something has been moved while we’ve been out, it *will* be due to an axe murderer lurking in the bathroom.

      It’s the only sensible explanation.


      • I’ve got no alibi since in Colorado til yesterday. When you’re home alone (or FS’ home), it’s not solid, so you can blame me.


  2. I feel you, Macpsych! On a recent trip to San Antonia, the maid moved my toothbrush and toothpaste to the other side of the sink. I was horrified. I don’t know when the last time the person washed his or her hands. I’m not a germophobe but seriously, that goes in my mouth. Needless to say, I got another one.

    I also have to make sure I’m not staying in “murder central” (right next to the stairs). I blame it on too much CSI! Great post!!


    • CSI has a lot to answer for!

      Thanks for reading and for the comment. And I really don’t want to think about who touches my toothbrush… :-/


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