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A WWDC scorecard

Like all good nerds, I was glued to Monday’s keynote at WWDC.

Now. If that sentence makes no sense to you, I advise you to skip to the next blog post. Because what follows will make even less sense…

I’ve divided my immediate reactions into the following three themes:

1. Reasons to be cheerful

  • iOS7 looks beautiful: Yes, there’s been lots of criticism levelled at how it looks, but personally I love it. It is just what I was looking for. Clean, bright, easy to read. The Calendar app in particular is gorgeous. Well done Jony Ive and your team of magical design elves. You’ve impressed this geek enormously.
  • iOS7 has lots of lovely functionality: Lots of this should have been there from day one -nonetheless, I’m delighted to see the introduction of Control Centre and the improvements to multi-tasking. Some would say the *introduction* of multi-tasking, but I won’t as I’m afraid Jony knows where I live.
  • OSX addresses lots of interface gripes: I’m just glad to see the back of faux leather and green felt. OSX (and iOS 7) has shed the curse of heavy-handed visual metaphors like leather calendars. I want my apps to look like apps, not nasty objects I wouldn’t have in my own home.
  • iCloud is getting a security boost: through the introduction of a password-keychain functionality. It closely resembles an existing application on sale, but you know, that’s how Apple rolls. I’ve got more passwords than you can shake a stick at, so this looks like an excellent solution.
  • Maps on the desktop: a real no-brainer, but the functionality to send maps from desktop to iDevice is brilliant. It’s the only reason I look up locations on my Macbook Air – to then walk there. Sending it to my iPhone is handy. I have *no* sense of direction. And London has just too many streets…

2. It’s not all good news

  • Oh the wait…No definite launch date for either iOS 7 or OSX except “the Fall”, something that doesn’t even exist here. Autumn, Apple.. it’s called Autumn. Now that I’ve seen these upgrades, iOS 6 makes my eyes bleed. Not really, but I just want the new shiny shiny NOW.
  • iBooks is tempting but…all my ebooks live in Amazon. But I don’t use a Kindle anymore. And iBooks looks like organising my many books would be easy on the desktop. Much easier than “collections” on the Kindle. Hmmm… I am *not* re-buying all my books in epub format, Apple. Make this easier for me.
  • iTunes still looks like a massive lump of a thing…too many apps squeezed into one. I was hoping that they would pull out movies, books, podcasts just like on iOS. Syncing with iDevices could also be separated, making iTunes lighter and less likely to crash so often.
  • iRadio is US-only…for now. This sounds like a great concept, but I’d need to see it in the flesh to buy in.

3. I have questions!

  • Will iBooks sync non-DRM files across all iDevices? That might make me buy in and start using it instead of Kindle. Maybe.
  • Will iTunes split any further before launch? Come one, there’s time. You could launch it with new iPods at a standalone event. People all over the known universe would thank you.
  • Will anyone anywhere actually use iWork? I don’t know a single human who relies on it instead of office to get serious work done. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s just too different and doesn’t play nice with Office files. Again, I’m open to being convinced, but I’m not chomping at the bit to get my hands on this.
  • How much will OSX cost? If it’s less than £50 I’m in. If it’s more than £50 I’m still in (come on!) but reserve the right to complain.
  • Will the iOS launch coincide with new iOS devices? It’d better. I want a retina iPad mini with 4G. And an iPhone 6. Obviously.

Obviously, I have more questions…but it’s been a long day and I haven’t been fed yet. So, watch this space.

In summary: nice upgrades but I’d like them tomorrow.

10 comments on “A WWDC scorecard

  1. I’d strongly expect OSX to be in the region of £20 again. If I was going to stick my neck out I’d guess at £20.99


    • I’ll see your bet and go for £19.99.

      What exciting lives we lead…

      After the existential angst iTunes has caused me over the last few months, I’d hope an upgrade would be free.

      But this is Apple we’re talking about…


  2. How would separate apps work for syncing though? Would I open a Video app to sync movies, a Music app to sync music, a Podcasts app, a Photo app etc. etc.?

    Being able to sync photos direct from Aperture would be great but is still nice to be able to set the device contents from one place.


    • I was thinking more of a single app that lets you move things between a computer and an iDevice. I think they’re moving in the right direction with Airdrop, but I’d like to be able to just ‘click’ a file to my iPad (e.g. podcast) without opening iTunes. It’s just become so bloated…

      Please note the lack of specificity or technical knowhow in the above.

      Damn it Jim, I’m a psychologist, not an Apple programmer…


  3. Ah, ok – yeah, that would be good. I’ve been using an app called Simple Transfer for my photos to iPad. Not only does it avoid iTunes, it also lets you transfer full size images. iTunes always compresses them down.


    • Now *that’s* the kind of thing I’m talking about.

      Let’s see what arrives on our machines in “the Fall”. Whatever it is, I hope it makes moving information between devices much easier.


  4. Indeed. Also, I agree with your comments on iOS7 – looks stunning.


  5. alevelstudentblogger

    Do think iPod touch 4g will get ios7?


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