Review: Iron Man 3

I finally managed to see Iron Man 3 last night, after what seemed like a very long wait. As with Star Trek, I’ve been trying desperately to avoid any spoilers and after seeing Iron Man last night, I’m very glad I succeeded.

(Don’t worry – no spoilers here, you can keep reading…)

As with the first two films, I loved this. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Star is effortlessly cool as ever and we see some real character development in Pepper Pots. She’s not just there for the glamour, but actually gets to kick some ass. Though she’s a “damson in distress” for an annoying few minutes…

You don’t need to have seen the first two films to make sense of this, as there are some helpful flashbacks to put everything in context. But I’d definitely recommend you dig these out and enjoy them before going to see part 3. As with parts one and two, the special effects are phenomenal.

The story (again, no spoilers – this is all in the trailer) centres on Iron Man’s comic-based nemesis, The Mandarin. Surprisingly played by Ben Kingsley, for me he vies with the actor playing Stark’s AI “Jarvis” as entertaining role of the entire film. Obviously, for very different reasons. The Mandarin is suitably sinister, Jarvis is the most sarcastic artificial intelligence system of all time.

One of the best parts of the story is how we get to see Stark get along without his armour. He goes all “MacGyver” and still manages to kick ass.

As I was hoping, there are some nice references to the Avengers movie (gods falling out the sky, aliens, a wormhole over New York etc.) and to comics continuity, keeping this geek very happy.

My recommendation? Go and see this before someone spoils the story for you. It’s definitely worth seeing on a big screen.

On the flip side, what was missing?

I’d loved to have seen some Avengers cameos. A call from Bruce Banner? Nick Fury strutting around and shouting? Knowing looks from the Black Widow? Iron Man is firmly a mainstay of the Avengers universe, and I think the creators could have made more of this, verbal references aside.

Also, Stark and Happy have had an excellent relationship in the first two films, but he’s hardly seen in this one. Happy aside, his supporting cast could have been bigger full stop. There is a plethora of characters from the comics that they could have introduced to flesh out the Iron Man film continuity a little.

These gripes aside, it was an enjoyable geek-fest and I look forward to seeing it again when it’s available on iTunes.

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