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Sumo Sushi Blowout

This afternoon marked a long-overdue return to the now infamous Yo! Sushi “Sumo Sunday”.

Basically, you give them £20 (£19.50 for you pedants) and they let you eat all you can off the sushi belt for a full 60 minutes.

Now. An arrangement like that will seem like a bargain to most normal people. We all know I am not most normal people. To me and my gang of merry men (the equally food-centric @Nutchild and @FrankDJS) this culinary arrangement represents a challenge.

And, to be fair, we approached it with deadly focus.


None of their free green tea or miso soup. That’s for beginners and amateurs. Fluid like that simply fills you up. We aimed to consume as much quality sushi (and in my case, various deep fried delicacies).

No edamame beans for us. No sir. It was straight in for the good stuff. In piles.

Was their competition between us? Oh yes there was.

And I lost. The gentlemen to my left and right kept a firm eye on each other’s plates as they piled up. Yes. There was plate competition.

The tension was palpable. As the clocked ticked down our final 5 minutes, we desperately scanned the belt for dessert-related items. Somehow….somehow, I managed to wolf down two Dorayaki. Seconds after a plate of Gyoza.

It was heroic, but I was definitely in the poor place compared to my buddies-in-arms. Their plates were piled 15-high. I managed only a paltry 13.

And now. Now I regret eating so much and wonder how I’m going to fit in dinner before sleep this evening.

I may have a problem with food.


2 comments on “Sumo Sushi Blowout

  1. Bonkers. You wouldn’t catch us women doing this sort of thing.


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