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Feels like home…

We’ve lived in our new apartment for just over a week and already it feels like home. I have to admit that the first few mornings, I felt like I was waking up in a hotel room. This isn’t that strange for me, considering the amount of business travel I have to do. But it was disconcerting all the same.

I also found myself bumbling around the kitchen trying to find things and continually going to the “wrong” drawer or cupboard.


We were also a little light on furniture, as much of what we’d bought was being assembled and would take weeks to arrive. But now, at least we have a sofa-bed, acting as a nice replacement for our “real” sofa until it arrives. We have a dining table and chairs. Most importantly, we have the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned.

Bed nirvana. Indescribably delicious joyous sleep each night for a week.

It also has massive storage space underneath – perfect for hiding myself should a serial killer find himself in the apartment.

(I’ve watched enough slasher movies to know this is a terrible idea, but it’s so much more exciting than talking about storage of suitcases and spare bedding…)

Yes, there have been teething problems. But these have been overwhelming outweighed by the sheer joy of moving in. And every time I find myself annoyed at one of these problems, I’ve taken to muttering “First World Problem” under my breath and moving on.

401143_10151688950429187_2141241426_nFrustration at hanging a flat screen TV on the wall being one prime example. The first TV wall-hanging  – in our bedroom – went so smoothly, we congratulating each other like we were the first people to achieve powered flight or something. Handshakes all round.

(It was very well done, though).

The second TV was more of a challenge, due to the “surprises” we found behind the plasterboard. Now I understand why new governments blame old governments for the “mess” they inherited. This was some expert-level cover-up of shoddy workmanship.

Creativity was required and we got there in the end. I won’t be rushing to do it again, to be honest.

I can definitely recommend the TV and accompanying sound-bar though. It’s got bluetooth, so I can stream music/podcasts from my iPhone. It’s like something from the future. There will be no escape from the tyranny of my Eurovision music collection…

Very boring, I know, but so far my absolute favourite part of the apartment is our en-suite bathroom. Our old apartment’s bath was next to useless due to a combination of dodgy plumbing and small water boiler. This bath is a joy.

And it lights up from beneath! It’s not as Hugh Heffner as it sounds, actually.


I got myself a small digital radio and spent a lovely time last night soaking and listening to music. Worries about how straight the TV was hanging virtually evaporated.

This love of the bathroom is of course tempered by the fact that one wall is entirely mirrored, providing me with a daily reminder that it’s been too long since I got any exercise.

More motivating than any gadget!

2 comments on “Feels like home…

  1. Everything looks so smart and modern! Where’s the chair & hassock?


    • Thanks!

      Still waiting on some furniture to be delivered. Including the sofa and my Eames chair… I’ll be a happy hobbit when *that* arrives!


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