Inevitably, I succumbed…

After lusting after the new “The Original” organisers from Filofax since their launch, I finally gave in and bought one this afternoon.

Inevitable, I know.

Surprising myself, I opted for the Personal size over the A5. I’m planning to keep it for 100% personal use and keep work-related content in my A5 Fusion.

(So yes, the Filofax collection has in effect doubled!)

First impressions…

It’s incredibly well made and gives off an air of quality. The leather is thick and yet soft. Due to the absence of various pockets and other bells and whistles, it looks and feels like a smaller organiser than most other Personal sized Filofaxes I’ve seen. Personally, I’m happy it’s as simple as possible.

I’ve removed all the content that I won’t use (calendar, contacts etc), making it even smaller and lighter. I’m not one for “jazzing up” my organisers – no offence to those who go in for that! – so all I’ve added is a tube map, an additional note-pad and some post-it notes from Paperchase.

Some photos of the organiser in question:


You can see the beautiful brown shade I opted for. To be fair, I was only choosing between black, purple and brown and the other two options were patent leather – not something I was too keen on.


Here’s a shot of it side-0n, with only the inserts I decided to keep. Lots of space for more paper, or preferably, just keeping it light and manageable. One of the excellent thing about this Filofax is the elastic straps on the inside cover.

Two of these replace the traditional pen loops you find on these organisers. The third is the perfect size for a smartphone. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Filofax know their customers – smartphones are here to stay. Better that they work in combination with a Filofax, not at the expense of one.

Here’s a photo of my “Original” containing my pen of choice and iPhone 5. A great combination!


2 comments on “Inevitably, I succumbed…

  1. ethnicolor

    Very nice purchase! I came across your blog looking for inspiration on solving the iOS v Filofax debate that rages constantly within. How do you find a balance between the functionality of iOS / iCloud and the beauty of paper? All without tripping yourself up running 2 systems?


    • Thanks for the visit and your comment.

      I basically swing between iOS and paper depending on the context really. Paper is for anything long-form (notes) while iOS is for to-dos, calendar, regularly accessed information (Dropbox, Evernote).

      Anything important noted on paper eventually gets scanned into Evernote, so I can access it later on the move if required. Keeps the Filofax light too!


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