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Sauna spoilers…


An amusing experience earlier this evening. After another day of new-home-DIY action, including our second visit to Ikea in as many days and the perfect wall-mounting of a large TV in our bedroom, I felt I deserved some downtime in our sauna.

Yes. The sauna. Don’t know when I’ll get tired talking about the sauna. God, it’s like a dream come true.

Anyway, I got a pleasant 15mins of complete solitude, feeling the stress melt from my bones, when I was joined by some of my new neighbours. Not in itself a bad thing.


They started discussing films they’d recently seen. I’ve been as busy as a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet lately. So I’m well behind on my cinema visits. Despite the stellar films out right now.

They started comparing the plot lines of Star Trek and Iron Man 3 – neither of which I’ve seen yet – so I did the only rational thing. I roared “no spoilers!” And leapt from the sauna into the showers.

I gave it 5 mins and returned. They did the decent thing and kept their plot points to themselves.

Mind you, they left pretty quickly after that.

Wonder if it had anything to do with my excellent social skills…?

I need to see Star Trek in the next week or I’ll just explode.

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