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479773_10151686646009187_330524117_nWe’re in!

After weeks of planning, stressing and whatnot, we finally moved into the new apartment yesterday. The move itself was planned with military precision (all thanks to the amazing @FrankDJS). Our friendly, talented and diligent removal men turned up at 0830 and made short work of filling the van with our treasured possessions. It was all delicately decanted into our new home by 1130.


They were a fantastic help. And here’s one for the mentalists on Nigel Farage’s bandwagon: they were from Romania. Though unfortunately, they were slightly apologetic about this. A sad indictment of the recent anti-Romania and Bulgaria tripe Farage and his merry men have been peddling.

Stuff him.

If you’d like some professional, reliable and friendly removal assistance, I can heartily recommend M25 Movers.

We’ve spent the time since unpacking various (seemingly unending) cardboard boxes and bags. I really had no idea I owned so much crap. Thankfully, this apartment has more wardrobe space (walk-in, if you will – the luxury!) though I’m still banning all clothing purchases for the next 6 months. At least.

Last night, I was good for nothing but lying in the bath. But it was all worthwhile.

The bedroom is in great shape, the study looking good and the kitchen just so. We’re still waiting on dining chairs, two sofas, an armchair and a TV. And some various other things I can’t remember right now.

Aside from that, it’s all good.

Yes, there’s still a need to engage in a dawn raid on Ikea tomorrow morning to get some much needed wardrobe-related stuff. But I’m trying not to focus on that and instead enjoy the peace and quiet of this building, the absence of shithead neighbours and the fact that there is a pool, jacuzzi and sauna IN THE BUILDING.

I swear to Jebus, if I go missing, you’ll find my desiccated corpse sitting in the sauna. If I was addicted to saunas before now…

It’s gorgeous, and just moments from my front door.

Anyhoo, I have a various technical gadgets to unpack and attach to walls. Onwards and upwards. And apologies in advance for any boring home-related posts lauding new appliances or discussing interior design.

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  1. Welcome home, babycakes!


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