Let the Eurovision fun commence!

20130406-103336.jpgTonight sees Eurovision semi-final number one (!!) live from Malmo. And I can’t wait.

Getting dinner out of the way early, as I’ll need both hands for the volume of tweeting that will be done during the contest…and the voting.

Oh yes. There will be tweeting.

For the uninitiated, the two semi finals cut down the large field of players to a smaller final. “Europe”, as the Eurovision sees it, is just too large for a single evening of performances and voting.

*cough* Azerbaijan *cough*

Tonight, we’ll see 16 countries reduced to a lucky 10. For my part, I’m hoping to see Ireland get through (obviously), along with Ukraine, Austria and the Netherlands.

Just over an hour till kick-off.

Here’s to some Euro-tastic fun!

(Eurovision semi-final number 2 is on Thursday and the final is on Saturday. But you knew that already, right? Right.)

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