Even more tempted now…


I’m even more tempted to buy the new ‘Original’ organiser from Filofax now.

Shortly after I posted about my thoughts on this model last night, Steve from Philofaxy tweeted to say he’d have a review of the A5 model up on his site this morning.

Well now I’ve read it and I’m more convinced I need one. It looks great – high quality leather and a perfectly simple design. Smaller rings mean it’ll only ever be as thick or heavy as I make it. And it looks like a perfect place to keep my iPhone on the move.


It’ll be a while before I get the chance to see one in person, so I’ll hold off buying one on the Internet until I’m absolutely certain it’s right and I’ve had a good play with one in-store.

Check out Steve’s excellent review of the Original, over on Philofaxy.

2 comments on “Even more tempted now…

  1. I am so tempted toooooo.My current filofax works fine, and I could not justify trying to use a new one for a different purpose. I really want both the green and the patent purple that laurie got on


  2. I share the same sentiment on making a purchase as far as being certain before I buy something. I have only ever bought one Filofax but I have used some non Filofax planners. I am so satisfied with my two favorite planners that I am glad I am not tempted to buy another one. However, I like the inserts that come with the Saffiano and Original binder like the week on 2 pages diary with equal space for each day on white paper and the numbered tabs. I don’t think I can buy them separately.


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