Original A5 Brown largeJust when I thought I’d kicked the Filofax habit, they go and launch yet another personal organiser I’d like.

The A5 Fusion I bought some weeks ago is still doing a great job. And paired with my iPad mini, it makes for an excellent “mobile office”.

But Filofax have just launched a new leather model – The Original – which has me lusting after it more than a grown man should.

I’ve yet to hold one in my hand, I’ve just been admiring it via the interwebs. From this distance, it looks great. Part of me (a small part, admittedly) secretly wishes that when I eventually pick one up, something will disappoint me and I’ll end up sticking with the Fusion.

But right now, it looks luverly. Particularly in brown. From what I can see, it’s slightly smaller and lighter than the Fusion. It has a nice innovative elastic strap inside which is a perfect fit for an iPhone 5. The rear pocket looks perfect for an iPad.

We shall see. The impending house move means my attention should really be elsewhere, so this is something to pick up when that particular madness calms down.

But if anyone out there buys one before me, do let me know what you think.

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