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Moving on…

Canary WharfA quick update on the home moving situation…our offer was accepted on the apartment in Canary Wharf, though it took the seller and his solicitor an inordinate amount of time to get their affairs in order. For someone who was “very keen” to sell, he certainly took his sweet time about it.

Far too late in the day, we discovered he was planning to leave a heap of quite nasty furniture in the apartment. “In case we wanted it”.


Cutting a long and very, very frustrating story short, we finally got the keys to our apartment last Monday. Our estate agent, despite all my previous rants, was really quite helpful.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent little time in the new place, as most of last week was spent on a work assignment in Jersey. But since getting back, I’ve made up for lost time.

In just a few days, we’ve bought the bulk of the furniture we need and had the entire apartment painted. This afternoon was spent playing “you’ve missed a bit” with the extremely good-natured Albanian painters we hired to do the job. Very nice guys, whom I’d recommend to anyone in the area needing a painter.

Truth be told, I’ve really enjoyed finally buying the furniture I’ve been lusting after all these months. I finally ordered my beloved Eames lounge chair last night. Cannot wait to ease my fat ass into its snuggly embrace.

And to then snooze in it, probably drooling down my front.

We also got a great dining room table and chairs from the most excellent Interior Addict. Their shop on Commercial Street is just amazing. I could have spent every penny I have left just on what I saw on our return visit this morning. Thankfully, my other half has more control than me, so I just laid out the cash for the chairs and table.

Tomorrow – flying in the face of common sense and all previous experience – we’re going to spend much of Bank Holiday Monday in both Ikea and B&Q. Our combined schedules mean this holiday weekend has to be all about the big move. I’m sure – kind of? – we’ll get a chance to rest once it’s all over at the end of the month.

Thoughts of lying back in my chair are what’ll keep me going in tomorrow’s inevitable Ikea madness.

3 comments on “Moving on…

  1. I wish you a happy time in your new flat. Good luck in Ikea!


    • Many thanks! Ikea wasn’t as bad as I’d feared.

      Don’t get me wrong, it was still horrific, but not too bad considering it was a Bank Holiday.

      B&Q was slightly worse, mostly because I didn’t know what most of the objects in that shop are for. I think the sales staff could actually sense my DIY amateur status.

      Scary stuff…


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