Marathon nerves…

It’s finally sunk in that I’m running the London Marathon this weekend.


Despite talking about it for (seemingly) months, and getting a decent amount of training in, I’m only now getting the butterflies in my stomach associated with big events.

It’s my first ever marathon!

Will I make it round in one piece?

Will I cramp up half way round and collapse in a heap?

Will hit “the wall” and fade away?

Hopefully none of the above. Time for some positive self-talk…

I’ve had some really good training runs. I managed to complete a half-marathon in the snow! I ran 30km a couple of weeks back and felt like a champion. Plus, no cramps or even significant tiredness. I’ve done enough training. I’m running on home turf. The adrenaline will carry me through. There’ll be plenty of support from the crowds and some friendly faces along the way. I’ve had some fantastic advice and support from previous marathon runners.

Most of all, I’m doing it for someone other than me. I’m running for Epilepsy Action and I want to do them proud. I’ve written all about why I’m running for them here.

If you can spare a couple of pounds (or more!) consider sponsoring me to run 26 miles around London. You can support my fundraising here.

7 comments on “Marathon nerves…

  1. Just to say: whatever has been broken for YEARS on justgiving that kept me OUT is now fixed. One of my bud’s (UK) JG worked for me but yours still didn’t (I keep looking) but TODAY it’s loading! I’d say break a leg but you know.


  2. Are you still running?


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