Eurovision 2013: Spain

This year, Spain are represented by the established act El Sueño de Morfeo – I’ve even got a couple of their albums after hearing them played incessantly on Spanish radio while holidaying there. I’ve no idea why, but at the contest, they’ll be performing as ESDM.

While obviously the initials of the band’s name, to me it sounds unfortunately medical.

Perhaps an embarrassing infection? Something picked up while cavorting in Magaluf?

As per my earlier post on Ireland’s entry, it seems that Spain have hired the Celtic pipes this year. The intro to this way well be cut on the night, as songs have to be three minutes or less in length. But to my ears, it’s still a bit hackneyed.

As for the rest of the song, in the nicest way possible, I have to say that at least El Sueño de Morfeo are consistent. Less charitably, I could say that this song sounds exactly like every other song they’ve ever written.


It’s nice and I’ve listened to it quite a few times since first finding it on YouTube. But I don’t think we’ll be heading to Madrid next year as this just won’t stand out from the crowd on the night. But, due to the arcane rules of the Eurovision, Spain will automatically make it through right to the final – so they’re already ahead of the pack.

See what you think. Maybe I’m being harsh? I’m only on my second caffeinated drink of the morning, after all… Here’s “Contigo hasta el final”.

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