Eurovision 2013: Ireland

Wow. Now this is different, for Ireland. After a series of epic wins in the 90’s, Ireland disappeared without trace. Probably after the Eurovision wiped out RTE’s entertainment budget for the best part of a decade. We had to put up with several years of absolute dross.

Including a turkey.

I like this. It has definitely grown on me since I first hear it a couple of weeks ago. Mostly because it doesn’t sound Irish…note the lack of fliddles and Uilleann pipes. That was just getting so cliched. I’m delighted to see that irish is licensing this Celtic sound to our Spanish cousins this year – more on that later. I just hope RTE are getting decent money in return. Preferably something more useful than the Euro.

This is Ryan Dolan, who manages to sound suitably international – increasing his chances of this being played in clubs across Europe between now and the big evening in Malmo.

If he gets through the semi-final, that is.

However, as with many of our European friends, will Ireland actually want to host it if we win? I can’t see too many Eurozone countries being enamoured with the prospect of hosting such a complex and costly event.

But instead of entering Dustin the Turkey, Ireland at least look as if they’re playing for keeps this year.

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