Time-travel rumour-mongering

Over on Newsarama, they’re rumour-mongering that Marvel is setting us up for a sequel-of-sorts to Civil War. Except this time, it’ll involve time travel.

I like what Newsarama is rumouring.

(Yes, this is a proper use of the word. Which I think we can all agree is a perfect cromulent word.)

Anyway, imagine heroes beating three levels of crap out of each other. Literally each other. Yes, we’ve had Avengers vs. X-Men and we’ve had Civil War. Both huge, magnificent smash-fests involving most of the Marvel universe.

But this? What would this rumoured series involve? And how could it be better than its (many) predecessors?

Instead of a civil war where Captain America fights Iron Man, picture a youthful Wolverine battling his own self from the future.

A tired, humourless and bitter Cyclops from the present, blasting the living crap out of his young, eager and frankly annoying self from the past.

But what? And how?

The Bendis co-written Avengers vs. X-Men led to the time-displaced original X-Men being pulled from the past to help combat what the X-Men believe to be a corrupted Cyclops in All-New X-Men. And this past week led to another fracture in that title …

Interesting. And…

The current Age of Ultron is steeped in time travel — Ultron is apparently attacking the present from the future, Wolverine and Invisible Woman are traveling to the past to try to present the future/present and Marvel has made it clear that implications of the Butterfly Effect are about to take hold in that series.

Yes. I’d buy that. My conditions, Marvel, are as follows: story by Bendis, art by Olivier Coipel. And no more than 12 issues. My attention span can’t handle any more.

Finally, and most importantly, please don’t use these time-travel shenanigans to bring any dead characters back to life.


We both know Prof. Xavier is due for a comeback and you’ll probably need to kill off the newly time-traveled Jean Grey to balance things out.

Whatever. Just make sure it all looks beautiful and involves several cliffhangers along the way and I won’t moan.


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