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Review: Bodean’s, Tower Hill

bodeans3Yesterday’s foray out for lunch took us to Bodean’s at Tower Hill. The usual suspects I go out for meals with are really living the “Man Vs Food” dream, so each meal has to have something special: in either content or volume.

(You know it’s true, guys…)

Amazingly, only one of us had ever been to Bodean’s and, as it’s just up the road from me, we decided to try their Tower Hill branch. At street level, it doesn’t look like much. But we ate in the basement, which is surprisingly huge.

It’s definitely aimed at a male clientele: antlers on the walls, football on multiple screens and lots of leather furniture. But we were there for the food, not the decor.

And it. Was. Amazing.

You can check our their menu here. Be warned, the servings are large and I’d recommend that you just sit and watch what’s being brought to other tables before you order. I had a “regular” sandwich and was barely able to finish it. They specialise in “BBQ”, which just means it’s meat, meat and more meat. All of it delicious.

My “Soho Special” was a mixture of pulled pork and beef on a large bap, served with coleslaw and fries. Simple but delicious. I “shared” some onion rings with the rest of the group. Others enjoyed various ribs and “burnt ends” which I’m told were equally delicious. They certainly looked it. Service was quick, attentive and patient. Our waitress was especially patient with me and my multiple questions about the various sandwiches.

We booked in advance and I’d advise you to the same – it filled up quite quickly after we arrived. And like I said, just watching what arrived at other tables was a mouth-watering experience in itself.

If you like well cooked meat with no airs and graces, I can thoroughly recommend Bodean’s. Just go with an empty stomach, time on your hands and an old shirt. It’s finger-licking good and get’s very messy. Each table has tooth-picks, a roll of kitchen paper and a bowl of packaged wet-wipes.

These guys know their business.

In summary, it’s meat-tastic! And I will definitely be back for more.

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