Eurovision 2013: UK

20130406-101904.jpgAlright then. I’ll review a few entries for this year’s Eurovision.

And where better to start than the UK’s very own Bonnie Tyler! I’ll confess to not being her biggest fan in the past. This song hasn’t really done a lot to change that point if view.

If you’d approached me three months ago and told me Bonnie Tyler would be singing at the Eurovision, I’d have created a mental checklist along the following lines:

Big hair
Make-up by the pound
Soft rock
Three chords

Check out the video below and use the above handy list to check my predictions. You’ll note they are uncannily accurate.

No, I don’t think the UK is going to win this year. No Eurovision in London next year. But will she come bottom of the points table again? Rolling out an aged “star” didn’t work too well when old Englebert was weaponised by the BBC last year.

If this had been to a public vote, I don’t think Bonnie would have stood a chance. Unless she was a beneficiary of a massive “irony” vote. Mind you, a public vote would probably have chosen some twat from a TV talent show.

So maybe the BBC did the right thing and saved us all from another wannabe. Yes, she can definitely out-sing many of the competition, but she’s let down by the blandest of songs. It’s positively beige.

Put another way, Alan Partridge would play it day and night.

6 comments on “Eurovision 2013: UK

  1. alevelstudentblogger

    The UK entry this year is not suited for Eurovision, we are going to lose again!!. Who do you think will win?, I quite like the German entry by Cascade.


  2. alevelstudentblogger

    Italy’s entry is different and the singer sounds really Italian but its not my cup of tea. We are still one of the biggest 5 countries who fund eurovision so we can afford it, the show will cheer everyone up.


  3. alevelstudentblogger

    Well then, the Irish entry is good but the live version on youtube was not the best, you still have until May to work on it.LOL


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