The Eurovision conundrum

It’s only a few weeks away. The Eurovision Song Contest, that is.

That annual event celebrating tacky costumes, political voting and murder of the English language. And I love it.

I used to blog about it incessantly, but that was in the old days, before my blog was incinerated in a massive technical meltdown. As bits of Eurovision news re-enter my consciousness, I’m tempted to reacquaint myself with the Eurovision fun and games…and share the experience right here.

I’ve honestly heard nothing about this year’s contest apart from the bombshell news that Bonnie Tyler is singing for the UK.

Yes. That Bonnie Tyler.

(Turn around…)

Think I’ll take a look at what the other countries are doing and maybe…maybe…share the results here. Unsure whether to tag it under “Music” or “Humour”. Or dare I reintroduce a “Eurovision” category and bespoil my blog again? Normally at this time of year I’d have written about 40 blog posts about the contest.

And I don’t really have time for all that…

Last year’s show was amazing. Amazingly bad and really quite good in equal measure. This year, we’re back to Europe as most people know it, (No offence, Azerbaijan…) and Sweden will be hosting.


This is why. More please, Sweden.

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