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Still freezing, but…

…at least the sun is back! Where was it? Who stole it?

I blame the North Koreans.


Anyway, the reappearance of our nearest star has cheered me up no end. After a full-on week of work which included a tiring trip to Strasbourg and two-day conference, I’m launching myself into a four day Easter weekend (thank you, zombie jesus) with gusto.

In anticipation of our apartment purchase actually going through, we’re doing a massive clear out of things-we-don’t-want-to-bring-with-us. Local charity will do well out of this. However, I’m left with the impression that most of these “things” somehow belong to me…

I’m also going to take advantage of the weather (still cold, but dry) to get in some runs in prep for next month’s marathon. You bored reading about it yet? Think about how bored I am worrying about it.

Today, the goal is 30km. I have the route mapped out in my head and look forward to some sunny kilometres next to the Thames and through London’s parks. We’ll see how I get on… I just need to be careful not to injure myself this close to the big day. This will be my last weekend of long running. Tapering (albeit very late) from now on and keeping healthy and motivated.

Watch this space.

5 comments on “Still freezing, but…

  1. Happy running and sorting 🙂


  2. Yes, it’s great to see the sun. Happy running 🙂


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