Thanks Apple!

podcastAfter what seemed like an infinity of patience-destroying annoyance, Apple has finally updated its Podcasts app. I’m a big consumer of podcasts and nearly always have one playing while I’m out running. Actually, make that one or two, given the distances I’ve been running lately.

When Apple separated podcasts from other audio content into their own app, I was immediately annoyed beyond reason. I was used to combining music and podcasts into big long ass playlists for my training runs. Now I had to choose between them.

Add to that the fact that the podcast app had a tendency to crash (in a most un-Apple like way), download multiple versions of the same podcast, fail to play downloaded content and several other tantrum-inducing behaviours.

The update? Well, it’s an improvement. You get a lot more control, the ability to set up playlists (hurrah!) and we’re finally rid of that god-awful tape-machine interface. That was always a UI joke that just detracted from the app’s usability.

I’d still like to be able to combine music tracks on these playlists, but you can’t have everything. I just hope that, somewhere in Cupertino, Jony Ive is beavering away on iOS 7 and giving it a more streamlined look and feel. Less leather and other distracting UI gimmicks and more app stability.

You can download the update from here.

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