Not feeling it…

I’m running the 2013 Reading Half-Marathon tomorrow. And I’m feeling decidedly under-prepared for it. Which is quite worrying, as I’m supposed to be running the London Marathon in a little over a month.

(Which reminds me, send me your money here. Thanks.)

A combination of house-hunting, flu and the small matter of my wedding and ensuing honeymoon have combined to limit my training for this and the marathon. These are all excuses, of course.

There was a perfectly adequate gym in our hotel in New York. Yet I made a point of not packing my running gear. I could easily fit some short runs in between apartment viewings, but instead chose to rant about estate agents online.

Anyway – I am where I am.

Tomorrow at 9am, I’ll dash off onto the mean streets of Reading, just hoping to beat last year’s finishing time of 1:55. My fastest half-marathon was last year’s Royal Parks half in London, which I completed in 1:42. I’ll be happy if I can beat last year’s Reading time though, as the courses are so different. And it’s freezing and raining right now and probably will be tomorrow as well.

By way of last minute preparation, I and a fellow runner are heading out tonight to load up on some much-needed carbs to fuel tomorrow’s exertions. All very athletic and scientific don’t you know.

As of next week, the marathon training needs to be taken up a notch. I’ve done some calculations, meaning that the next few weeks are going to be tough on the old feet. But it’s all needed if I’m to finish the race.

Which is all in aid of Epilepsy Action, in case you’ve forgotten.

Full race report on tomorrow’s fun and games once I’ve recovered…

4 comments on “Not feeling it…

  1. Ani Danelz

    Good luck to you! I run my first half in June and I am already so nervous about being properly trained…


    • Thanks Ani 🙂

      Your first half will be great fun and you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when you’re finished. Don’t focus on timing, just make sure you’ve got enough miles under your belt before hand that you don’t injure yourself.

      And don’t be surprised if you sign up for another one within days of finishing your first – they’re addictive!!


  2. You’ll be grand. Have fun with it!


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