Day One at a time

DayOneNot an error. I’m talking about the app called “Day One“.

I’ve blogged about it before, but I’m afraid it was lost in the great blog meltdown of 2012. (Still hurts).

DayOne is a great little app for keeping a journal. It’s on Mac OS and iOS and syncs in the cloud, so you can make journal entries on any of your Apple devices, knowing they’ll all be joined up next time you’re connected to the interwebs.

I use it pretty much daily, sometimes more than once a day. It’s so quick and easy to use, I can type a few words and maybe add a photo I’ve just snapped. Meanwhile, if I’m using the iPhone, it captures where I was when I made the entry and even – if I want – what the weather was like.

They recently updated the app with the facility to export your journal entries to PDF, which is a nice piece of functionality. But it got me thinking about the other improvements I’d like to see added. Now, I’m no app developer (I don’t even play one on TV), but I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to add some/all of the following:

  • The ability to automatically add your social media nonsense. So, for example, adding what i tweeted or shared on Facebook on any given day. This would add some interesting context to journal entries, or even account for what went one on days when I couldn’t be arsed to write anything in DayOne. 
  • Foursquare check-ins would also be handy, reminding me of where I was on any given day.
  • I’d also like it to link with WordPress, so anything I blog is automatically added to the app. Again, it can help fill in the gaps on days when I haven’t been journalling everything.
  • Similarly, but going in the other direction, the ability to share your entries with other apps like WordPress, Twitter or even Facebook. For those moments when you’re convinced that what you’ve written is pure gold and deserving of a share with the rest of the world.

All of this is basically in an effort to avoid any duplication of effort. Yes, I could simply copy and paste anything written in DayOne into other apps, but I’d much prefer a simple ‘share’ button.

People of DayOne: hear my pleas! You have a great app on your hands and I’m a big fan. Some social sharing updates would make me even more so.

3 comments on “Day One at a time

  1. Thanks for introducing Day One. I may give it a try.


  2. This really would improve my life, no exaggeration


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