Really never thought I’d read this

No, it’s not a joke. Andy Ihnatko has switched from an iPhone to an Android handset.

One of the head cheerleaders of the iPhone club since day one, it seems he’s finally had enough and thrown his lot in with Android. And he seems quite happy about it too.

My question is, why?

Here’s what changed: Android got great. The OS got great, and the hardware got great. One of the sweet benefits of being a tech columnist is that I get to try out every significant new phone for a month or so. Time after time last year, I’d pack up and send back another flagship Android phone, switch back to my iPhone exclusively, and spend the following few weeks missing a great feature of the Android phone’s hardware or OS that I’d come to rely on during my testing.

I briefly had a Google Nexus 7 last year, and while it was fun for a while, it just never stacked up to the fully-blown iOS experience on my iPad. It was rapidly replaced as soon as the iPad Mini became available.

In this first part of a three-part story, Andy highlights better keyboard and bigger screen as two of his reasons for moving from the iPhone 5. I can see his point on the screen size – I’d love an iPhone with a 5″ display. I’m one of those people who stare forlornly at the Samsung Note devices in shops, wishing my iPhone was just as big. And had a stylus.

Anyway, if someone as soaked in the Apple love as Andy can see the sense of moving to an Android device, then what does this mean for Apple?

For myself, I can’t see me buying an Android handset in the near future. My iPhone 5 and iPad Mini combo works a treat. But I’m always interested in other people’s experiences and will look forward to the next couple of parts to Andy’s story.

I wonder what our friends in Cupertino make of all this…?

3 comments on “Really never thought I’d read this

  1. Ou know that I’ve lived Apple products for 17 years (that is OWNED and loved) but I’ve also been open to other platforms.

    I own stock in RIM –ouch– and Apple –lately ouch — and recently chose a Nook HD (tablet) over an iPad mini, which would’ve cost such a small amount more that it had nothing to do with it.

    Nothing’s perfect.

    I’m really looking forward to RIM’s release later this year, purported to be ‘an iPhone.’

    I need a new phone and whole my last phone shopping experience back peddled me to iOS, I’ll jump ship–for mobile devices.

    As a graphic artist used to Mac Pro towers, MBP w/ retina or even the iMac, I tried. MS ain’t cutting it for me as a power user.


  2. I guess Andy might not be getting a Christmas card this year from Tim Cook! Apple have to just try a bit harder. Come up with something that the following crowd haven’t done yet. And may be at a price that more people can afford.

    I don’t have an iPhone. I would love one, but I can’t justify the cost of one including the running costs out of my family budget. I don’t work and live in retirement here in France. The cost of running one is in excess of €1000 a year if you include the cost of the phone.

    Mean while I use an Nokia feature phone, it’s useless in bright sun light, it doesn’t do half of the things an iPhone can do. But I’m only spending about €40 a year on calls so it’s difficult to justify the additional outlay. I do have a 4th gen iPod Touch… poor man’s iPhone I guess… but I could be tempted by a Nexus 4 sensible price and the running costs here in France wouldn’t be too silly…


    • Have to agree – it’s a pricey piece of kit and the mobile operators charge a premium to lock you in. However, over time it’s getting much more affordable.

      And the iPhone always keeps its value – I’ve managed to resell each of my handsets for hundreds of pounds each time I’ve upgraded.

      But I agree – innovation required from Apple soon!


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