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Still awake…

Through a combination of late (and heavy) dinner, too much diet coke and taking headcold medication that contains caffeine (idiot…always read the label), I’m sitting here bright eyed and wide awake. Which is unusual for me this late on a Friday night / Saturday morning.

I obviously require adult supervision.

So I’ve put all this energy to good use and finished off a work-related task that was bugging me all week. While enjoying season two of Falling Skies. I loves me some pulp sci-fi. It’s so over the top and melodramatic. Taut facial expressions, explosions and death-defying adventures.

But even for me, six episodes in a row is too much, so I’m off to bed to read before (eventually?) getting some sleep. Am on the third book in the Johannes Cabal series, which is a wickedly funny book about a necromancer.

Yep, I’m all about the lowbrow now. I figure I deserve it after five years of basically reading nothing but psychology journal articles.

And if that combination of drugs, alien sci-fi and reanimated corpses doesn’t impact my dreams tonight, then nothing will.



1 comment on “Still awake…

  1. Can’t wait to read your next post…. sweet dreams


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