Common sense prevails

I woke up this morning feeling like someone had used my body as a punching bag overnight. This is despite the flu tablets and lots of hot drinks.

So today’s planned 25k training run for the London Marathon has been postponed until after I stop feeling like a warmed up corpse.

All the same, I had to get up and get dressed, to come down to Canary Wharf to buy more medications and non-sandpaper coated tissues. I’ve also bought a small pile of hard core vitamins. Need to knock this on the head.

Once I get home, I’m not leaving again until this has passed… I know now that i was overoptimistic with the last bout of man-flu and I think this was just lurking in my system awaiting activation.

I can barely speak and my cough has approached 40-a-day proportions. I coughed when in Boots earlier and the shop assistant looked at me with a combination of utter pity and mild disgust.

I don’t blame him. I caught my own reflection in an ATM earlier and was repulsed by what I saw looking back at me.

The lack of sleep has me feeling slightly spaced out, so there’s nothing for it but an afternoon on the couch, dozing and zoning in and out of the remainder of season two of Fallen Skies.


4 comments on “Common sense prevails

  1. Get well soon


  2. Feel better! I’m feeling ick, too. I keep blaming it on allergy.


    • Thanks Lily. Have spent this afternoon and early evening in bed, sleeping and coughing. Feeling truly, epically awful.

      Hope you’re on the mend soon…


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