London Life

It’s the thought that counts

Or rather the lack of thought.

Overnight, I had my third bike stolen in the space if just two years. From within our building.

I know…

Now I don’t live in some crack ghetto, I live in Wapping. But if my asshole neighbours keep leaving the garage door open, passing scumbags will chance their arm and steal whatever they can.

Don’t get me wrong, my bikes have always been locked up. But in a dark garage, a bike thief has plenty of time to deal with any commercial lock and make off with my property.

Obviously, I blame the thieves. They’re little toe rags who I’d like to throw down several flights of stairs.

But their thievery has consistently been enabled by the assholes I have to share an apartment building with. Constantly jarring open the front door of our building. Buzzing in random pizza leaflet droppers and anyone else claiming to be a delivery person. Blaring their loud music. Not closing the garage door and leaving our possessions visible to anyone walking down Wapping Lane.

Obviously, I don’t know exactly who did it. But I can hazard a guess and it involves the thoughtless and crass people who run the commercial property on the ground floor. They’ve been caught mis-using the garage and leaving the doors wide open.

When challenged, their response: “You live here, you make sure it’s closed”.

Sorry to say it, but I’m glad to be moving soon…

4 comments on “It’s the thought that counts

  1. Ugh.

    I’m against them and wonder what deterant may help. Do they make alarm-sounding locks? At least startle the jerks!


    • As we’re moving out, I’m not even going to replace the bike. But I’d be in favour of a bike lock that dispensed electric shocks!


  2. Does this mean you’ve found somewhere new to live? Hope so


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