It’s got Wolverine! And dinosaurs!

SavageWolverineWhat’s not to like?

I am *loving* Frank Cho’s new Savage Wolverine series. Now on issue two, it just gets better and better.

The art is amazing, the story fast-paced. Every page features some image or other which just had me lingering.

And did I mention the dinosaurs?

Wolverine is in the Savage Land, which gives Cho an excellent excuse to draw funky wild beasts and a very skimpily-clad Shanna the She-Devil. But unlike some comic artists, he draws women who actually look like they could kick your ass.

Shanna is definitely no shrinking violet or helpless heroine. In fact, she gets the upper hand on Wolverine, which makes for some excellent dialogue.

Can’t wait to see how this pans out. Out of all the recent Marvel Now! relaunches, this has quickly become my favourite.

Good job, Mr. Cho.

2 comments on “It’s got Wolverine! And dinosaurs!

  1. Wolverine AND dinosaurs? Does it get any better??
    Loving the blog by the way 🙂


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