It’s the little things

It is indeed the little things. I turned one year older today and my birthday was considerably improved by a gorgeous Victoria sponge and a cup of tea during a meeting this morning.

It got even better when I was met by a smiling other half at the tube station this evening, then treated to a mountainous meal at Yo! Sushi.

Now heading home. For more cake.

Hardly partying hard, but enjoying it all the same.

6 comments on “It’s the little things

  1. Happiest of days! What fun is partying hard when contentment is at hand?

    Wishing you a wonderful year full of happy surprises and great health.


    • Thanks Lily! Had a surprisingly nice day, considering it was mostly spent working. Contentment is great.

      (I’m definitely getting old…)


  2. You know, there are loads of fancy cakes out there – but you can’t beat a victoria sponge. Happy Birthday


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