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More “Days of Future Past” casting news

PuckNewsarama is reporting another casting decision for the upcoming X-Men “Days of Future Past” film:

Director Bryan Singer has announced another X-Men: Days of Future Past cast member via Twitter: Peter Dinklage.

The actor is new to the franchise, and Singer didn’t specify his role. Soon after word broke Wednesday night, online speculation centered on Dinklage potentially playing Puck, a short-in-stature character typically associated with the X-Men-adjacent Canadian superteam Alpha Flight and currently appearing in Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force.

Sadly, since then the article has been updated and it’s been confirmed that he won’t be playing Puck but another one of the central characters in the DOFP storyline. One of the villains.

I’m disappointed, as I have a soft spot for Puck (and the rest of the Alpha Flight team). What? He’s a short, bald badass. As I can definitely identify with at least two of his attributes (ahem), I’ve come to like him.

It would be great to see some Alpha Flight cameos in the upcoming film. It already looks like the cast is large, why not a few fleeting shots of my favourite Canadian heroes?

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