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A new OmniFocus

OmniFocusMy favourite – and most used – app on both Mac OS and iOS is getting a new version. OmniFocus 2 has been announced, though sadly without a confirmed launch date. What I’ve heard so far about the app is positive.

  • A new forecast view of commitments by timeline
  • Introduction of review mode, just like on iOS
  • Unified sidebar for simpler and more consistent navigation

I’m really looking forward to learning more about the app as it develops. It’s the app I have open in front of me more than any other both at work and in my personal life. Review mode will be a big plus.

I use this on my iPad mini to do a quick “where am I?” in terms of projects at least once a week. The project-based prompts remind me to add actions, follow up on things I’m waiting for from others and review my commitments in terms of scheduling work and other activities.

It’s really useful for avoiding those heart-stopping “Oh crap” moments, when you realise you’ve forgotten something or missed a deadline. Or have over-committed and find yourself painted into a corner with competing demands and too little time to do a good job.

I use it to implement my own version of GTD, keeping on top of tasks, projects and broader life-plans. It’s so easy to use – and yet flexible enough to accommodate very complex projects and commitments – that I’ve stuck with it even after experimenting with other apps and systems.

Good news also for existing OmniFocus users – we’ll be able to upgrade at a 50% discount on the list price.

5 comments on “A new OmniFocus

  1. Due to your years of recommendations, I finally got OmniFocus. It’s much cleaner (less confusing) than Errands To-Do and I like that it has a free server to backup data. I LOST everything (2 years worth) in ETD and still haven’t forgiven them.

    I’ve tried almost all the others out there that are $10 or less. OmniFocus (for iPhone, as I don’t have an iPad) was $20 and if it continues as it is and I NEVER lose my data, it’s well worth paying double!


    • Another satisfied customer!

      GTD apps are really a personal thing. I’ve recommend OF to other people who just didn’t like it. I’m an advocate, but I realise there are plenty of alternatives and it’s much better to use the simple app you have rather than fiddle around the the complex, sexy and get nothing done!

      For me, it’s well worth the money 🙂


      • It’s far-simpler than ‘my ex.’ I’m adoring it thusfar as it seems to be like…spot on for methodology. And less cluttered. Clutter doesn’t help GTD. Well, not for me.

        I’m only having 1 disappointment in trying the beta ’email yourself a capture.’ It didn’t work. I got an error message at the email addy I sent it from. It very well could be in my set up. YEARS ago, I used JOTT. Then, I forget what happened but it was brilliant.


  2. OmniFocus is an excellent product. I would prefer it if they just added features like Review to the existing application rather than having to buy a new one to get it. Still if it adds a significant amount of useful features I don’t mind paying again.

    One question I had though. Do you know if Omnifocus2 just going to be OSX and on iOS I can keep using my existing Omnifocus apps? I’d prefer not to buy all three again.

    The 50% discount sounds good but I haven’t before seen any mechanism for user specific discounts for software sold through the App Store. Can they definitely do that?


    • You’re right – to get the discount, you’d have to buy it from them direct, not via the Mac app store.

      I think we’ll see a drop feed of features over the coming months and I’ll make a judgement as to whether it’s worth the upgrade. I’m sure it will be…

      I don’t think they have any planned updates for iOS, so in theory, OF2 should place nice with your existing apps. I definitely don’t want to upgrade them all!!


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