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Now crisps. What next?

In an episode worthy of the best Monty Python sketch, a group calling itself “Protect the Pope” has intimidated Pret a Manger so much that they’ve withdrawn a range of crisps for sale.

Funnily enough, I thought I was living in a democracy in the UK, not some form of medieval theocracy. Courtesy of The Independent:

The sandwich chain Pret A Manger has caved into religious protests and withdrawn its new Virgin Mary crisps. The own-brand variety was pulled from the shelves after a campaign led by the Catholic organisation Protect the Pope. Catholics had complained the name was offensive because of the reference to Christ’s mother, despite it also being the common name for the non-alcoholic version of the Bloody Mary cocktail.

They’re even flavoured the same as a Bloody Mary and there was no religious iconography on the packaging (that’s “pictures”, for you poorly educated scared religious zealots). Will “Protect the Pope” now visit every bar in the UK protesting every time they encounter “Virgin Mary” on the cocktail list?

Here’s a thought, guys. Instead of kicking up a fuss about packets of crisps in your efforts to “Protect the Pope”, how about reflecting on the massive child abuse committed by the very same religion you’re trying to foist on the rest of us. It’s not the pope that needs protecting, it’s the children exposed to the hate-filled nonsense you’re peddling.

Here’s another thought. You can certainly be offended at what a business like Pret does. What you don’t understand is that you don’t have the right to force your ideals on the rest of society. Take all that pent-up frustration that we’re not living in a fundamentalist state and do something useful with it. Something that might go so way to make up for the untold hurt and suffering your clergy inflicted on children all over the world.

I’m sure if you weren’t so selective in your interpretation of the bible, you might find a few passages about turning the other cheek, helping the poor and needy and so on.

2 comments on “Now crisps. What next?

  1. I find myself in total agreement once again. Before reading your post, I was just reading another about clergy abuse cover-ups in the eighties in California. Crisps!! Ridiculous!


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