Under the weather

Just as I’m ridding myself of the flu that plagued me for over a week, I get hit with a stomach bug of epic proportions. Some guys have all the luck…

After being told by two colleagues that I looked “tired” and “ill” two days in a row, my body finally caught up with my facial expression and sabotaged my ability to keep food inside me.

I’ll spare you the details… I’m just glad I left work shortly after lunch.

So I’ve completed another week of absolutely no running (outdoors, that is… running to the toilet doesn’t count) in preparation for the marathon and yet feel totally exhausted. Even though I haven’t left the building today.

I’m going to try and get back out on the mean streets of Wapping again tomorrow morning. I suspect I won’t be back up to half-marathon distance immediately, but want to get a good 10 or 15km under my belt, just to get my confidence back.

All depending on whether my stomach is cooperating again by then, of course…

  1. Be a good biscuit and take it EASY. That’s my s’mothering…for the moment.



    1. I will.

      In my own way 🙂



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