iPad Mini + Paper =?

BooqPadI like the look of this. A nice folio cover for the iPad Mini, with a built-in notebook. A potentially perfect pairing of technology and creativity. Maximum flexibility.

And let’s be honest, maybe even a replacement for my long-lost collection of Filofax organisers.

The thing I like about this notebook is the fact that you can rip pages out once you’re done – something I’m loathe to do with my Moleskines – and easily scan them.

(I’m basically slightly obsessed with my Scansnap scanner – everything paper-based gets passed through it and, by default, into Evernote. My external brain.)

The BooqPad cover could be great for meetings and when it’s just not appropriate to use the iPad. Once you’re done, you can either bin it or keep an electronic copy for future reference.

Do I need it? No. Will I get one?


3 comments on “iPad Mini + Paper =?

  1. Hey there! (hope your hurty-knee and hurty-head are on the mend) I’m tempted to invest in a SnapScan scanner. Which model do you have? I need something that will reliably scan both sides of multiple docs into Evernote.


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