Day three of this rotten flu. However, I’m feeling very slightly better. I still ache from head to toe, still have a blinding headache and still find it sore to swallow. But my temperature and shivers seem to be gone.


All weekend plans were cancelled and thoughts I had about actually leaving my apartment today were quashed as soon as I eased myself out of bed to go to the bathroom this morning. Not happening. I’m staying where I am all day.

I got up for a few hours yesterday, but only went as far as a comfy chair in front of the tv. Covered in a slanket, with a steady supply of hot drinks, I watched a few films and did very little thinking.

Then back to bed for lots of coughing. I anticipate more of the same today.

Curses on whoever passed me this lurgy…

3 comments on “Lurgy

  1. Does this include a chest-pressing rattle? I may have gotten it from you from intimate tweeting. Or maybe Sister Rosemary yesterday at the workshop–she was half dead. Only a Good Sister would show up that sick to beg pardon for missing that days class–infecting all. ::sigh::


    • I’ve got a rattle. It comes out of nowhere and induces a brain-melting cough.

      But yeah, it was probably the intimate tweeting. That should come with a health warning…


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