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“Days of Future Past” cast expands

DOFPExciting news from Newsarama: more cast additions confirmed for the upcoming X-Men film: Days of Future Past.

It looks like they’ll be combining cast members and characters from the first three X-Men films along with those from the more recent “X-Men First Class” origin story.

So we’ll have Charles Xavier as a young man (James MacAvoy) and an older man (Patrick Stewart) for example. The actors who played Rogue, Iceman and Kitty Pryde are all back for more too.

The original Day of Future Past storyline had older X-Men battling in a desolate future where mutants were hunted down and a sort of genetic apartheid was in place. An older Kate Pryde manages to make psychic contact with her younger self and the X-Men of the present attempt to change a chain of events that leads to anti-mutant hysteria and their future deaths.

Possibly a little complex to get across to your standard audience in a 90min movie!

I’m intrigued as to what they’ll include and what they’ll cut. Many of the original characters are dead in the DOFP timeline and the focus remains on Kate Pryde, Wolverine, Magneto and Colossus.  But it looks they’ll be writing in roles for Rogue and Iceman too.

I re-read the Days of Future Past trade paperback recently and was struck by how such a complex story was told in so few issues. I’d love for the film to go into more detail on how the future apocalypse evolved from anti-mutant politics into an army of mutant-hunting robots prowling the streets.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan were made to play Professor X and Magneto – great to see them returning, despite Professor X’s apparent death in X-Men III. No mention of Cyclops here, which suits me just fine. Look at the above graphic and you’ll see his poster says “Slain”. in the comic, he was on a break from the team, so we could possibly have an X-Men film where he doesn’t appear.

And spend most of his screen time brooding and complaining.

The film is slated for a July 2014 release. A list of confirmed and rumoured cast members can be found here.

Thankfully, this fan has both Iron Man and Star Trek sequels to keep me going until then. Oh, and The Wolverine

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