Surprised I lasted so long…


I am one sick little hobbit. Woke up yesterday morning feeling rough as the proverbial badger’s, yet this morning I was even worse. Sadly, I had a long standing meeting to attend, so I spent today mostly smiling through the pain in my head and eating painkillers.

I’m now home and heading to bed where I intend to stay until the pounding in my head, eyes, throat and various extremities is reduced to a dull roar.

Nearly everyone I know has been floored by the flu at some point this winter. I’m just amazed I’ve managed to avoid something this rotten for so long. My previous bout of “man flu” was nothing compared to this. And believe me, this does not make me feel in any way vindicated.

On that note, it may be that “man flu” is not the mythical beast my various female colleagues make it out to be. According to Channel 4 news:

The man flu phenomenon has been the brunt of women’s scorn for years. But now one neuroscientist claims to have proof that men do have more to complain about when it comes to flu.

Makes sense to me.

3 comments on “Surprised I lasted so long…

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling chipper. I’ve had a crushing headache, too. Eating aspirin (we can’t get codeine in the States), naproxin sodium, ibuprofen…nothing helps. I went on my lunch break for meditation, which helps more than pills. Ugh. At least I’m not ill! This is just me.


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