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Nike+ API developer platform launched

This looks like potentially good news. As a regular user of the Nike+ system, tracking my runs from my iPhone, I’ll be interested to see what developers come up with here.

By giving aspiring developers access to NikeFuel – the overarching metric used by Nike in all of its apps and fitness devices, including the incredibly popular Nike+ FuelBand – as well as other data such as running pace, total distance covered, running routes and personal records, there’s an obvious opportunity to build an even better fitness app and hardware ecosystem.

It would be great to see this interact smoothly with all the other fitness tracking systems out there. Fewer walled gardens can only be a good thing for consumers.

3 comments on “Nike+ API developer platform launched

  1. this is good news… is about time they get it together… don’t know how long you are using nike +, remember those days were nothing worked… now it seems to work at least from an iphone perspective… so that is indeed good news…


    • It has definitely improved over the years. But there’s still room for improvement – being able to simply export my data would be a good start.


      • completely agree – export could be useful or importing or adding date manually… like the heartrate from older polar monitor units and more acurate gps tracking… and and and…
        maybe they should make a wishlist… 🙂
        did you try xml to source your data ?


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