The snow has returned

The snow is back and has turned me into some sort of hibernating mammal. I’m still mooching around in several layers of clothing I would never wear outdoors, including the thickest dressing gown you’ve ever seen.

I only got out of bed 20 minutes ago…

Having had an update on external conditions from my other half – who braved the journey to the gym – I’ve made the decision not to leave our home today. Plenty to be done indoors anyway.

It would be nice to go out for a walk or even a run, but sadly, Tower Hamlets council have decided that Wapping isn’t deserving of any gritting activity. Apparently, the pavements are like an ice-rink. And if I’m going to successfully run the Reading Half-marathon in just a few weeks, I’d rather do it without a limp.

It’s not deep snow by any means. But due to a lack of gritting, the few centimetres we’ve be blessed with has turned solid and deadly.

Time to turn to my home-based to-do list. And remain thankful that I’m not trying to fly anywhere today. Heathrow is (once again) turning into some sort of hellish refugee camp.

am supposed to be travelling to Cheltenham tomorrow evening, so it’ll be interesting to see what state the railways are in by then.

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