London Life

Still snowing…


Still snowing here and no signs of letting up any time soon. The tall buildings in the City, usually visible in the top right corner of this view, are completely obscured by snow and cloud.

2 comments on “Still snowing…

  1. There it is! Whew. Had to download (re-install) g-whizz to get here. Phone’s being buggy.

    That snow is deeper and I’m now very familiar with the light snow that turns to solid ice phenomenon. It’s treacherous. Sorry they’re treating your streets last. We’re considered tertiary and sometimes it melts before they come out 3-4 days later. Bah!


    • I’m going to be watching my step out on the mean streets of Wapping tomorrow morning. It’s only just stopped snowing now! And more on the way. Colour me bored…


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