Setting Spidey up for a fall?


A great opinion piece over on Newsarama concerning recent developments in Superior Spider-Man. It speaks to something I’ve thought for a while now: isn’t Spider-Man/Peter Parker having an easy time of things lately?

Spider-Man has been a member of the New Avengers for almost eight years now, and in that time has worked with the team to save the world countless times. He’s also served as part of the Future Foundation during that time, and thanks to Slott’s own solo run on Amazing Spider-Man starting with “Big Time,” he’s gotten more and more respect from the world at large and his peers in particular over the last few years. And that just seems… weird. Whatever happened to the hard-luck hero? Everything just kept going right for this Spider-Man!

Peter Parker’s death aside (oh come on – if you’re reading this blog, you must know he’s dead. For now…), the character has been on the up and up. And that’s just not what we’re used to. Could this all be setting us up for a major change to his status in the Marvel Universe (death aside)?

What if the Superior Spider-Man’s penchant for ripping holes in villains finally destroy’s Spider-Man’s reputation once and for all? Could the new status quo – once we get Peter Parker back – be a Spidey running from both villains and the law?

Instead of the brain swap and Otto Spidey being permanent, what if it’s the middle of a long storyline that sees Spider-Man get everything he’s ever wanted, only to lose everything due to circumstances outside his control?

I really hope so.

Spider-Man is always so much more interesting when he’s dodging bullets (real and metaphorical) in both his private and super-hero guises.

So, I’m going to see how Superior Spider-Man pans out.

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