Superior who?

SuperiorSpiderManI just listened to the latest instalment of 5by5‘s great comics podcast, “The Comic Shack“.

Dan, Andy and Moises discuss the first issue of “Superior Spider-Man”, the direct follow-on from Amazing Spider-Man #700 and all of its Earth-shattering revelations.

It’s well worth a listen for some interesting reflections on what this latest turn of events means for the Spider-Man franchise, but be warned: it contains major spoilers, so don’t listen until you’ve read this issue.

For my part, I’ve come round 180 degrees. I was pretty put out by what happened in ASM #700, but this first issue of Superior Spider-Man fills me with hope.

There are some great opportunities for challenging stories, so I’m looking forward to what materialises in the months to come. “Spidey’s” interactions with the X-Men alone set the scene for what comes next.

In a word? Tension. Lots of tension.

Questions? What about Mary-Jane? What about the Avengers? And the Marvel Universe is crawling with psychics and telepaths. How long can he keep this up for?

I’ll say no more…for now.

(PS – Click here if you’d like to know more about Superior Spider-Man #1 and don’t mind spoilers.)

5 comments on “Superior who?

  1. I was holding a ridiculous big, fat head Spiderman toy (official merch) in my hand last night. I *almost* got it for you cos it was completely ridiculous (while I’m sure you could ‘use’ it) but then I realized…it was completely ridiculous (at $10 and then $10 to ship for a tchotchke) and sat it back down.


  2. I feel the same way, I hear a lot of people hating on Superior Spider-Man, but I think Marvel has us just where they want us- battling back and forth between how Peter’s death should have been dealt with. In a couple months, they will have redeemed a lot of their readers and given us a whole other thing to viciously debate and we’ll look back on this and say, “Oh yeah Doc Octagon as Spider-Man, that was silly thing they did for a bit”.
    Unfortunately, the next time they kill of a character it will probably be closer to what people seemed to want this time around. And we will still tear it to shreds.


    • Agreed. I just hope something this fundamental to the Spidey universe isn’t resolved in just a few issues. Also, that it isn’t a “reset” instantly. Realistically – if that is a word that can be applied to this storyline – Peter should feel the after effects for some time. I want to see how he deals with all if this…


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