Finally talking to Siri

Despite my complete and utter failure to adequately maintain this blog, this week hasn’t been a complete washout, technology-wise. 

I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday morning and finally found a use for Siri on the iPad mini. 

I know, right?

I’m a long time fan of Day One, the fantastic journalling app for the Mac and iOS. Almost by accident, I found that I could actually dictate journal entries to Siri within only minimal editing required. I was really impressed by the accuracy with which Siri took my early morning mumblings and translated them into text on the iPad’s screen. 

Yes, you have to remember to say “comma” and “full stop”, but that’s just practice. Dictating my journal entries with Siri is just so much faster than typing. 

But it’s definitely something for home only. I won’t be reading my diary aloud on the tube just yet. 

Nice one, Siri. 

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